Holiday Sickness Claims – Why is there an epidemic?

There has been much hype in the media recently about fraudulent holiday sickness claims and as a personal injury firm we wanted to shed light on what is happening in the industry.

Drowning Prevention Week - Be Water Aware

It is Drowning Prevention Week 2017 led by the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS).

I can remember being taught to swim when I was young and the sense of achievement when I first made it across the pool unaided. At that time our local swimming pool was a huge, drafty and freezing cold....

Keeping dogs under proper control

Being a dog owner comes with a huge amount of responsibility, as well as a lot of reward from a four legged friend. With the right care and training a dog can be a huge asset to their owner’s life.

However, there are dog owners who fail to devote the necessary time and training to their dogs and lack the skills to handle them properly. We have all seen dogs on their leads, merrily pulling their owner the way they want to go, that it is often difficult to perceive who is taking who for a walk!

Safety on Public Transport

Safety is paramount, not least on public transport. Here passengers are putting their safety in the hands of the transport companies.

When using public transport, the passengers last thought is whether the vehicle is road/rail worthy, the driver is properly trained and experienced and that safety checks and risk assessments have been carried out. We take it for granted that these things are in place.


Whiplash claims have had a bad press in recent times and have been cited as the reason for the proposed reforms for small claims in the UK.

The problem is that whiplash injuries do not always present themselves at the scene of an accident, it may be hours or days later that the true extent of the injuries become apparent.

How we can help you recover from a personal injury

The UK Law is a complex and ever changing arena as new legislation is enacted and new precedents are set through Case Law. Given these complexities there are obvious benefits of using a reputable Solicitor or Lawyer with experience in the field of Law you require.

Injured at Work

Workplace accidents are common, but injured workers are often reluctant to seek compensation because they fear for their job.

Can I make a compensation claim, if I am injured when I am on holiday abroad?

The simple answer to this is "yes", if somebody else is to blame or partly to blame.

Picking up more than just a suntan

When choosing a holiday destination there are many things to take into account, not least the climate, culture, location, accommodation and facilities.

Brain injuries can have significant impact not only for the injured, but also for their family.

Jane, a semi-retired speech therapist, was a pedestrian crossing a busy high street, when she was knocked over by a motorcyclist. She lost consciousness and was

Concussion Aware

Headway, the brain injury association, launched their Concussion Awareness campaign as part of "Action for Brain Injury Week 2016".

The impact of a brain injury

Irishman, James, who was 63 at the time, was rushing across the road to catch a bus and was nearly at the pavement on the other side when he was hit by a car. H

A second is all it takes to change someone’s life...

Daniel was riding his motorcycle along the road, around a bend, when a coach pulled out of a car park into his path causing him to hit the side of it. He was kn

Compensation for your cycling accident

Cyclists can be at a disadvantage when using the roads, not least from drivers not giving a wide enough berth as they overtake. Using high visibility clothing a

University of Reading Student Shares Work Experience At Bakers Solicitors

For two weeks in August, Bakers have had a student from the University of Reading on work experience during his summer holidays. We asked the student to complet

Young drivers today - Oh how things have changed!

Congratulations to Sky Diving Trio

Medical Innovation Bill - Myth vs Reality

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has published a Q&A briefing on the Medical Innovation Bill and its implications. Read the full briefing here.

The Importance of Complying with Court Orders/Directions

Once Court Proceedings have been issued and served, the Court will provide a procedural timetable to deal with the Claim approaching Trial, for example filing o

Ministry of Justice

I was recently sent this press release from the Ministry of Justice. It took my breath away. I could not believe that the Government are sensationalising the pl

‘Bright’ Staff at Bakers

The staff at Bakers Solicitors put together some ingeniously bright outfits in aid of Brake’s Bright Day campaign.

Bakers Staff go Bright in Road Safety Week in support of safer walking and cycling

On Friday, 22 nd November, Bakers Solicitors will be running a Bright Day at their offices in Farnborough, Aldershot and Aldershot. Staff will

Bakers Solicitors is delighted to support ‘Road Safety Week’

This week is Road Safety Week, the UK's biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year. Set up in 1997

Aldershot Military Festival

Bakers Solicitors is very delighted to announce that, along with our 'sister firm' BakerLaw, we will be supporting the Aldershot Military Festival 2013.

Bakers Solicitors run to raise funds for local hospital

Last Sunday two teams from Farnborough based Bakers Solicitors staff took part in the Frimley Park Hospital Family Fun Run (2.5km) and Road Race (10km) to raise

Bakers Solicitors pleased to support Former Soldier and Coldstream Guardsman

Former British soldier Franco Gasparotti was seriously injured whilst on active service in Northern Ireland and subsequently discharged from HM Forces. He went

Official Figures Confirm Decrease In Numbers of Whiplash Claims

Contrary to what the insurance industry and the general media would have you to believe, the numbers of whiplash claims have actually reduced in the past 5 year


I read in the news recently about a number of different aspects of the law which are affected by democracy. The hunting ban is front page news again. The shooti

In what way is the 'referral fee' relevant?

Most other businesses market themselves (obviously including those you mention above). Imagine how absurd it would be if bookshops, or car manufacturers, or mob

Come on, let’s fix this car insurance racket

I thought I must have been mishearing for a second.

Make the pledge and help end dangerous driving.

Drivers are at the coal face of road safety. What they do determines whether people live or die because most road carnage is caused by drivers failing to follow

The Claims Process

We are often asked by a new client who has suffered an injury which was not their fault how long it will take for their claim to settle.

Whiplash - The Facts

There has recently been a huge discussion about whether whiplash (hyper extension of the neck) actually exists. To many of our thousands of clients who we have

Bakers Solicitors secures accolade from The Law Society

Bakers Solicitors has secured The Law Society's law management quality mark, Lexcel. The firm was awarded its original accreditation in 2008 and has, once again

The current state of the personal injury claims market

There are over 1,300 firms offering personal injury claims management services and as of February 2008, there were 1,385 firms offering personal injury claims m

TICK TOCK - Limitation pending, personal injury claims

Running a personal injury team we understand how some cases can cause sleepless nights, particularly when a client approaches you with a claim that is fas

Millionaire "Mr Bigs" win Legal Aid to protect illicit wealth and MPs spend only 21 days out of the next 75 working at Westminster.

These two headlines, a few pages apart, in the London Evening Standard made the blood boil!

Twenty years fighting for the injured

Denise Kitchener may not be a name known outside a large circle of specialist personal injury lawyers. But for nearly 20 years she has led the Association of Pe

Jackson: a victory for the propaganda machine of defendant insurers?

My firm, Coyne Learmonth, is a firm of solicitors practising in Crosby near Liverpool. We deal only with road traffic accident (RTA) claims and specialise in cr

A message to MP's

On 17th April, the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill returns to the Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

Insurers - 'Offside'

It was a fairly straightforward analysis by an objective commentator which illustrated to me that he had had enough. It struck a chord with my thinking t

When the insurers come a calling

You recently had a Road Traffic Accident. You are feeling vulnerable when suddenly the telephone rings and a friendly voice enquires if they can help. Confused,

Bakers delighted to team up with Lawyers2you

There are huge numbers of changes affecting the legal sector over the next few months.

97% of injured clients value the advice of solicitors

A recent study of feedback samples provided by over 800 clients of Bakers Solicitors has revealed that 97% of their clients valued the advice of a solicitor whe

The Legal Ombudsman

The reason that the new organisation has had its presence highlighted is due to the Ombudsman's early announcements about how it will conduct its business and i

Conflict of Interest "Before The Event Insurance is not the panacea"

When something stares you in the face and you cannot believe what you are experiencing, it is time to step back and think. This is a true story, one which I sti

Aspire to be great

More people have climbed Everest that swum the channel ... so Managing Director, Julian Oldfield, understands.

Laws are like sausages... you don’t want to see them being made!

So proclaimed one of the seemingly pointless signs chalked up in a pub that you tend to usually only half notice. I love proverbs- even if you forget them after

Bakers Solicitors - 4,229% better than a liability insurer!

Personal Injury Solicitors are sometimes unfairly criticised for being ambulance chasers only interested in their own welfare and profit. The reality is that So