Solicitors For Construction Site Accident Claims

Construction sites are hazardous places. If you have been injured while working on a building site, you should remember that you have the same rights as any employee to a safe workplace. Your employer has a duty to make sure that the site complies with all the relevant legal rules, including strict health and safety legislation. Your employer also has a legal responsibility to have accident insurance in place so that any compensation you receive will be paid by an insurer and not by your employer.

Claiming Compensation Following Accidents On Building Sites

Unfortunately, many companies do not strictly follow regulations — corners are cut and poor maintenance can lead to faulty equipment injuries. As a result, construction workers are more likely to be injured in an accident than people in any other type of employment.

Bakers Solicitors believes that all accident victims should have access to justice. We are committed to securing the compensation injured construction workers deserve. In particular we are interested in handling those rejected cases that other solicitors view as weak or in some way too risky to pursue.

Free Consultation To Establish How Your Accident Happened

Our experienced team of construction site accidents solicitors in Aldershot is happy to discuss your case at a free consultation. We will always take the time to establish exactly how your accident occurred and can normally tell you if you are entitled to compensation straightaway. Construction site accidents we handle include:

  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Lifting equipment failure
  • Faulty machinery
  • Falls from ladders
  • Falls from roofs
  • Forklift truck accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Electric shock injury
  • Trench collapses
  • Fire or explosion accidents
  • Compressed gases accidents
  • Unsafe safety harnesses
  • Electrocutions
  • Power tool accidents
  • Holes in flooring
  • Welding accidents

No matter what caused your accident, we have the expertise to aggressively seek compensation for you.

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Contact Us

Our construction site injury solicitors provide free consultations to injured workers. Contact us online or by phone on 01252 744600 to arrange an appointment. If we think there is a possibility that you may be entitled to compensation, we will represent you on a no-win, no-fee basis. If we are unsuccessful, you will have nothing to pay.