Success Stories

Jackknifed lorry driver liable for crash

It was dark and raining heavily when our client, Jake, was driving in the outside lane of the M20 motorway near Westwell. Ahead of him a lorry had jackknifed under the bridge...

Bartender receives compensation

Whilst working as a bar tender, Alexander was taking out a heavy bin bag to the commercial dustbin and as he swung it up to get it over the side, a piece of glass...

Accident with machinery at work

Our client, Michael, asked us to bring a claim against his employer for the accident he sustained whilst working as a steel fabricator. On the day of his accident, he had been working with an angle grinder to cut channelling when...

Accident at School’s Fun Day

Sarah had just come down an inflatable slide during her primary school’s fun day and was getting up to leave the area, when another pupil came down and knocked her over. Sarah fractured her leg in the accident and...

Supermarket liable for customer scalded by hot water

Maria was using the self-service drinks machine in a Supermarket Cafe. The cup provided did not fit the machine properly, so as she was filling it with hot water...

Hotel liable for guest’s fall

Our Client, Irene, was leaving a hotel restaurant, when she fell down three marble steps she hadn’t seen because of the poor lighting...

Over £3,000 compensation for injury at work

Our client, Shaun, was at work delivering a sofa to a customer on the day of his accident. He and a colleague were manoeuvring the sofa in the back of the lorry...

Accident caused by unsafe working practices

Our client, Steven, works in a produce factory. The produce had been sprayed with water ready for packing so the surrounding areas were wet...

Our client has received compensation for his workplace accident

Darren worked for a bathroom installation company and was at work when he was instructed to remove ceramic tiles from a wall. As he was doing this, a tile fell slashing Darren’s right wrist, ...

Compensation for accident in a lift

Mohammed was getting into a lift with his two year old son to go up to their apartment, when the lift doors shut prematurely as they were still walking through. His son’s right hand got stuck in the door and ...

Hit and Run Culprit Caught

Our Client, Simarjeet, was 18 years old when she was driving through a residential area and came across a road closure ahead of her, where the Police were dealing with an accident. When she was part way through making a three-point turn to go back the way she had come, another vehicle, driving at speed, crashed into her driver’s side door and she was thrown sideways by the force of the impact. ...

Attacked by a dog

Our client, Laura, was playing outside her house when she was bitten by her neighbour’s dog. A normally docile West Highland Terrier, the dog had reacted out of character and ...

Cyclist receives compensation for his injuries

One wet evening, Martyn was cycling along the road, proceeding through a green light at a junction, when a Taxi coming from the opposite direction turned right across his path.

Father and daughter knocked down by car which mounted the pavement

Our client, Leon, was walking along the pavement, carrying his six year old daughter, when a car mounted the pavement, knocking them down and injuring them both. The driver of the car then reversed, running over Leon’s foot.

Gym workout ends in hospital!

David was using a weight machine at the gym. The weights were stacked incorrectly and over stacked. He removed some loose weights from the loading bar and as he took a weight off, one of the other weights fell onto David’s foot.

Employers Liability

Employers have a duty to provide safe working environments, equipment and procedures.

Luke worked in a factory as a glass fitter/cutter. He was waiting for sheets of glass to come down the production line,

Fall on a tram – claim settles for £7,500

Our client, Lesley, was boarding a sea front tram in Blackpool. As she was finding a seat, the tram lurched sideways as it pulled off, causing Lesley to fall to the floor. Lesley landed heavily hurting her lower back and found it difficult to get up. An ambulance was called to the scene.

Lady walks into glass frontage

Jennifer was entering Pizza Hut but could not clearly see where the door was as the front of the premises was all glass. She walked into the glass window hitting her face. There were no stickers on the glass and she had not been able to tell that it was there.

Our client receives compensation for a tripping accident at a car boot sale

Whilst visiting a car boot sale in Cardiff, Paul tripped and fell on some cardboard on the floor. The cardboard had a plank of wood underneath, which he hadn't seen, and this caused the edge to be raised. Paul was taken to hospital with soft tissue injuries to his left shoulder, knee and ankle, and a slipped disc.

Compensation received for tripping accident

Robin was returning to his office, when he tripped and fell on rubble and debris on the path, which was from a refurbishment project that was being undertaken in the property next door. He fell on his knee and shoulder and sustained a medial meniscus tear which required arthroscopic surgery and a shoulder injury to his rotator cuff, requiring physiotherapy and steroid injections.

Motorcyclist unable to avoid collision

Motorcyclist, Josh, was driving along the A322 when a car decided to change lanes and cut in front of Josh's motorcycle not leaving him room to react. He braked but was unable to avoid colliding into the rear of the car. He was thrown into the air and landed beside the car.

Our client receives £16,000 compensation for accident at work

Whilst working a night shift as a labourer at a waste management facility, our client Paul was passing a scaffolding board to his colleague who was above him. Paul's colleague dropped the board which landed on Paul causing him injury.

Bus Driver loses control at the wheel

Elizabeth was a passenger on a double decker bus, which was stationery at a bus stop, when a single storey bus drove head on into it. The driver of the other bus had suffered a seizure at the wheel.

Bus driver receives compensation

Bus driver, Amin, was walking across the bus depot to get to his bus, when he slipped and fell due to a pool of oil on the floor. He reported the accident to his Supervisor and, despite being in pain, continued on his bus route. When he returned to the depot later, the patch of oil was still not dealt with and his leg was hurting too much to continue working.

Broken finger in accident at work

Andrew was a stores operative and was at work when his accident happened. He was working a night shift and was getting a metal slow-ring pole out of a container in a poorly lit area. The heavy pole was covered in too much oil and it slipped out of his hand, crushing his finger between two poles. Andrew was wearing work gloves at the time.

Unexpected accident for lady visiting her mother’s grave

Karen and her family were on their way to place flowers at her mother's grave. However, they couldn't use the concrete pathway in the cemetery as it had large mounds of earth on it. There were plywood sheets laid out to the side of the path on the grass and as they walked over these Karen fell.

Supermarket delivery driver causes accident

Sharon was a passenger in her husband's car, when a supermarket delivery van sped around the corner. The van's side door was open and the trays of customer's shopping flew out of the door colliding with the car, causing Sharon's husband to turn and brake sharply.

Footballer receives compensation for poor tackle

As an amateur footballer, our client, Ashley, was participating in a local league football match when he was recklessly tackled by an opposing player, resulting in a severe fracture and dislocation of his right ankle.

Employer liable for faulty tyres on work vehicle

Darren was employed as a plumbing and draining engineer and was driving a work van along the motorway. He went to overtake a lorry when suddenly and without warning the back tyres burst causing him to lose control of his vehicle which hit the central reservation and flipped and rolled several times.

Hairdresser receives £110,299 compensation for accident at work

Whilst working in a hair salon, Teresa tripped over a vacuum cleaner that had been left in a doorway by a colleague and broke her left arm in the fall.

Tough negotiations secure our client £10,050 compensation

Our client, Geraldine, was walking down a pontoon bridgehead ramp at a Marina on the south coast, when she slipped on algae and broke her right ankle in the fall. Geraldine required an operation and physiotherapy to recover. She was on crutches for over three months.

Pedestrian knocked over by car - claim settles for £50,000

Our client, Georgina, was a pedestrian crossing a junction, when suddenly the driver of a black Audi A1, reversed from its parked position and knocked her to the ground.

Accident at work - claim settles for £17,000

Daniel was employed as a cleaner at his employer's premises. He was assisting another colleague who was transporting a vehicle engine across the warehouse. The engine was bolted to a wooden pallet which was attached to a forklift truck. Daniel was positioned in front of the forklift truck guiding the driver through the warehouse, when the pallet holding the engine broke free from the forklift truc

Accident at home - Claim settled for £53,000

Joan, an elderly client, had various modifications to her home, as recommended by a Community Occupational Therapist, who was an employee of the health authority. It was recommended that her bath be replaced with a wet room and that a frame be installed to fit over the toilet to aid her. When these modifications were installed, the floor of the bathroom was sloped, apparently for draining purposes

Nasty fall from ladder has serious consequences for Claimant – claim settles for £130,000

Our client, Keith, was employed to assist in erecting an exhibition stand in Birmingham. Whilst Keith was standing on a ladder about 3-4 metres from the ground, he was affixing a piece of frame for the exhibition stand when he suddenly fell and hit some display units on a stand before landing on the floor beneath.

Accident on Holiday, our client receives £8,500 for her injuries

Having just arrived for a break at a holiday park, our client Thelma was walking across the car park towards the reception, when a car driven by the Defendant, who was an employee of the Holiday Park, suddenly and without warning reversed into her!

Road traffic accident claim settles for £36,650

Jane was driving her car in slow traffic, when she saw a bus coming towards her that was indicating to turn right, so she slowed down to stop and let the bus across her path. The vehicle behind her did not notice her braking and drove into the back of her causing damage to both vehicles.

Serious accident at the office

Our client, Janet, was employed by the Defendant and was at her place of work when the incident occurred. Janet was with a colleague in the office when they heard two residents arguing. Both employees went into the hallway to investigate the situation. Our client stayed with one of the residents whilst her colleague took the other resident into the office. The resident then proceeded to go into th

Accident in the office – Claim settles for £32,500.00

Our client, Sharon, was visiting the toilet facilities located on the ground floor of her office building in Milton Keynes. Whilst she was in there, part of the ceiling collapsed onto her, knocking her unconscious.

60 year old woman claims for slipping on ice – Claim settles for £26,000.00

Our client, Heather, successfully claimed after slipping on ice within the communal grounds of her block of flats in Camberley in Surrey.

Cyclist hit on a roundabout

Our client, Alan, was cycling in London in the late morning of May 2013. Alan was waiting to enter a roundabout; he looked over his shoulder to check that everything was clear, as he proceeded straight across the roundabout, a car hit him striking his right side knocking him over. Alan recalls bouncing along the carriageway, he did not lose consciousness but he felt stunned and disorientated. He w

Attempted suicide after an accident at work - Claim settles for £50,000

We were instructed to represent a client who was injured during the course of his employment as a ground worker. Frank was placing utility service pipes into the ground. The pipes were retrieved from a storage position in protective sand. As he attempted to step outside of the trench onto the sand, the sand gave way causing his right foot to twist.

Claim against the Cambridgeshire Highways Authority settles for £15,000

Bakers Solicitors were successful in claiming compensation for our client, Katherine, who was injured when she tripped and fell due to a defect on the pavement.

Client claims for slipping at work

Mrs L, from London, was employed as a kitchen assistant. On the day of the accident she walked into the kitchen and suddenly slipped on a spillage of water which had leaked onto the floor from the food which a nearby chef was preparing.

Pothole results in £5,000 compensation for wrist injury

We were successful in claiming compensation for our client, Mr C who was injured when he tripped and fell due to a pothole in the road.

Carer receives over £11,000 compensation for injury at work

Ms T, from Manchester, was employed as a carer. On the day of the accident she was working in a client's house. The client weighed more than 40 stone and had to be lifted on and off a commode using a hoist. Ms T was moving the client form the commode to the bed, in the hoist, with a colleague when the hoist wheel caught on the carpet causing Ms T to strain her back.

Landlord and Tenant Claim settles for £8,000

Our client, Mrs B was a tenant and the Defendant her landlord. On moving into the property Mrs B noted that the washing line in the back garden had rusted at the bottom. However in the knowledge that a full inspection had been undertaken by the Landlord, Mrs B took this to mean that the washing line was safe.

Turning a denial of legal liability into an admission

Our Client, Mr R was carrying out voluntary work for a charity. Working with a colleague, they were required to carry a three-seater sofa with electrically reclining seats from the second floor of the building in which the store was located, down to the shop floor, in order to place it in the window area of the store.

Client slips at retail park

On the day of the accident our client, Ms K, was going into a Store at Leyton Mills Retail Park, in London E10. Ms K had walked down the slope towards the entrance of the retail park. The walkway was busy with other customers coming out so Ms K veered to the left of the walkway to avoid oncoming people, and she slipped and fell due to a sudden change of level in the pavement. The difference in lev

Motorbike rider hit intentionally by an uninsured driver - Case settles for £125,000.00

Mr C was riding his motorbike when he was intentionally hit by an uninsured vehicle. The identity of the driver could never be proved and the charges were dropped, as was a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) claim with another solicitors firm.

Injured Abattoir worker - Case settles for £70,000.00

Our Client, Mr S from Lanarkshire, was employed at an Abattoir. On the day of the accident he was using the hide puller which had 3 metal steps. As Mr S stepped onto the second step, wearing steel toe cap wellies, he slipped on the step and fell onto a colleague.

Mother and daughter claim for a slip and fall in fast food restaurant

Mrs L, successfully claimed against McDonald's in Derbyshire when she slipped and injured her knee whilst carrying her daughter out of the restaurant.

Part-time kitchen assistance injured at work

Mrs C, from Addlestone, was employed as a kitchen assistant for a residential care home. On the day of the accident she was working in the kitchen and went to get ice cream out of the freezer. In doing so, she knocked into a plastic tub filled with hot soup left on the floor, causing the soup to spill all over Mrs S's legs and feet.