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Unfortunate accident ruins holiday

Posted Oct 19, 2017.

Carmel was on holiday with her family on the Greek island of Zante. She was in the hotel complex and as she walked past a site where maintenance men had been carrying out work, a heavy tool that had been hung over the handrail fell on her foot causing injury.

The accident was recorded in the hotel’s accident book and our client also informed her holiday rep of the incident.

Carmel sustained serious soft tissue damage to her foot which was badly bruised and turned black and blue. She was taken to the hospital where they took x-rays which she had to pay for, however her foot was not fractured.

Upon returning to England, Carmel was still suffering with pain in her foot. She went to her local hospital to have further x-rays, which re-confirmed there was no fracture, however her foot took some time to recover afterwards.

As the accident occurred on the first day of our Carmel’s holiday, the enjoyment of her holiday and what she was able to do had been seriously affected by this avoidable incident.

Bakers Solicitors were instructed to make a claim against the Tour Operator in accordance with the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992 and the claim eventually settled out of Court with our client receiving £2,000 compensation.

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