What Is Your Compensation Claim Worth?

Every claim is unique and is based upon individual injuries, facts and circumstances.

To value a personal injury claim we usually require a medical report from an independent expert which we arrange. This is normally a straightforward procedure organised in our client's locality and any related expenses such as travel costs can be claimed back. Once we have the medical report, we use a variety of reference sources to research the appropriate valuation of the injuries aspect of the compensation claim.

Compensation is split into different sections with awards for the injuries sustained, any financial losses and any future claims. The diagram below gives an idea of the compensation that may be awarded for different types of injuries.

Please note that these figures are for guidelines only and do not constitute legal advice. Please contact us for FREE legal advice at no cost or obligation to yourself.

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  • Ankle/Foot/Toe

    Ankle:£3925 - £49,800

    Foot:£5000 - £144,000

    Toe:£4000 - £40,000