Hazards at Work

Hazards at Work

Hazards At Work Compensation Claims

Have you tripped or slipped at work? You need to take real care at work to avoid hazards. Even with proper care, your employer has a duty to ensure your work environment is safe and free of physical or chemical hazards. Bakers Solicitors offers specialist advice for those who were injured by hazards at work that may have been preventable if proper care had been taken by their employers.

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An Example Of How We Helped

Our client was employed at a care home. It was a busy breakfast time with not many staff on duty, and she had to go to the cellar to fetch some marmalade. As she came up the stairs carrying two jars, one in each hand, she tripped on the way up, and because she was carrying the jars she suffered nasty lacerations to both hands. We managed to win the case against the care home's insurers and negotiated an award of £9,400.

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