Working at Height

Posted: 24/01/2023

Working at height, as recent HSE figures confirm, continues to be one of the most significant causes of death and serious injuries at work. But whilst the phrase “working at height” is obvious in many circumstances in others, it is not so clear.

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Workplace Fatality Figures Published

Posted: 22/12/2022

According to figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), one hundred and twenty-three workers were killed in work-related accidents in Great Britain last year. The industries with the highest recorded deaths were construction, manufacturing and agriculture, forestry, and fishing.

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New road casualty statistics: The importance of following changes to the highway code

Posted: 12/12/2022

In a recent road casualty report, released by the Department for Transport at the end of November, the latest provisional estimates show that reported road casualties for the year ending June 2022 seem to be falling to pre-pandemic trends. Due to lockdowns during 2020 and 2022, the publication compares estimates for the year ending June 2022 with those for the year ending June 2019, which is the most recent equivalent pre-pandemic year.

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Revised Highway Code now in force

Posted: 16/03/2022

A new and revised Highway Code has been since January 29th 2022. It gives cyclists a clear priority over drivers, and has been updated to include 2 new rules about the new ‘hierarchy of road users’

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‘How to’ Tips to Prevent Workplace Accidents:

Posted: 05/11/2021

Whilst you are at work, there will always be potential exposure to accidents, with some professions carrying more risk of injury than others, of course. But whatever work you do, your employer must make sure that the risk of you being injured at work is reduced to the lowest reasonable level possible. This duty is enshrined in law in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which can be found here:

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