Christmas Injuries can happen to Anyone!

Posted: 10/12/2020

With reports emerging this week that Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has recently suffered an injury whilst putting up Christmas decorations, it is worth remembering what a stressful time of year the festive season can be, and that mishaps and injuries can often be the result.

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Faulty Work Equipment Injuries How to make a Claim

Posted: 28/09/2020

Whilst there have been significant improvements in workplace safety over the past twenty or so years, many work environments can still present safety hazards to employees, contractors and visitors that may result in a bodily injury. Whilst a large number of workplace injuries are caused by general slips, trips and falls, despite the advances in health and safety, there are still a surprising number of incidents caused by the use of faulty, inappropriate or poorly maintained equipment.

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New study reveals surprising injury danger from glass coffee tables

Posted: 18/09/2020

The study, featured in the latest edition of US publication The American Journal of Surgery, covered a wide range of injury types and severity from life-threatening, emergency trauma centre admissions through to less dangerous and non-life threating injuries. The study, based on data collected between 2009 and 2015, found that glass coffee tables pose a surprisingly serious risk of major injury and even death, with more than 2 million such injuries being reported in the USA alone each year.

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Will Tesla court decision impact on UK driver safety law

Posted: 03/09/2020

With the purchase and use of vehicles that include lots of hi-tech and touchscreen controls on the increase, a decision by a court in Germany earlier this year could have a significant impact how road traffic accident claims are viewed by UK courts.

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Dash Cam Footage and injury claims

Posted: 25/08/2020

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident (‘RTA’ for short) and are injured as a result, one of the most important factors when it comes to making a successful compensation claim is evidence. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to establish who is at fault and who is liable to pay out on the claim.

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Work Accidents When Working From Home

Posted: 13/08/2020

One of the many and widespread impacts of this year’s Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has been the huge rise in employees being allowed - and in many cases forced - to work from home. Whilst clearly not all occupations and activities can be carried out remotely, the UK’s services-based economy has seen large swathes of the workforce replace their Monday morning office meetings with a Zoom or WebEx video call from their kitchen table, spare room or for the lucky few, their home office. So whilst there are long established and clearly defined procedures and laws in place to safeguard employees overall, how do these protections work for home-based working and are employees entitled to make a claim for compensation should they get injured?

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Quick Guide Electric Bikes and Injury Claims

Posted: 04/08/2020

The popularity of electric bicycles, often referred to as E-Bikes, has grown rapidly over the past few years as ongoing developments in battery and drivetrain technology has resulted in smaller, lighter and cheaper bikes. The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has also resulted in a further increase in E-Bike usage, particularly amongst commuters who are seeking alternative and socially-distanced transport options.

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